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Asheville Hula Hoop Dancer Hooping to Issues by Julia Michaels

Hey this is Sarah from Teachkidstohoop.com and this is my improvised hoop dance to Issues by Julia Michaels.
Here’s a few tutorials for some of the hooping moves in my dance video:

The Thread The Needle Hoop Dance Trick Tutorial:

Hoop Dance Tutorial for The Advanced Arabesqulator:

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How to have a hula hoop party

How to have a hula hoop party

If you have high-energy kids who love music, dancing & being creative, a hula hoop themed party will keep girls (AND boys) entertained.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Space: If you have a small house and it’s too cold to have the party outside, you can usually rent out spaces at these types of places: churches, gyms, dance studios, library activity rooms, and banquet halls.

Hula hoops: You can get  toy store hoops (which may break the same day) or you can make your own hoops if you’re the DIY type.


Hula Hoop Games:

*Hooper Says: Hooper Says is just like Simon Says, only this time Simon instructs the kids to do things involving the hula hoop. For example, “Hooper says jump rope with your hulahoop!” or “Hooper says drop your hoop and walk around it.”

*Hoop Scotch: Similar to Hopscotch, only instead of chalk outlines, we make the “hopscotch” grid by lining up one hoop alternating with two hoops. The kids take turns jumping into the hoops, just like Hopscotch. After everyone has had their turn, make each round harder by having the kids hula hoop around their waist while attempting to complete the Hoopscotch course.

*The Chain Game: All the kids line up (or form a circle if there is enough of them) and hold hands. Place one hula hoop between two kids’ hands, and without breaking the chain, have them pass the hoop around the entire circle. This is a great team-building exercise.

*Hula hooping contest: This game is a competition to see who can keep the hoop spinning around the waist the longest. Some kids are so good at this, that I’ve devised a way to make it harder: have them spin the hoop in their opposite direction, or have them stand on one foot while hula hooping.


Extra Credit

*Hire a hoop dancer to entertain and teach the kids some fun new tricks.


*Serve hoop shaped snacks such as pineapple rings, gummy O’s, bagels and donuts.

Gummy apple ring candy, yum!
Gummy apple ring candy, yum!

*Have the kids decorate their own hoops. You’ll need decorative tape (vinyl electrical tape comes in lots of colors and is easy to work with).

Here’s a demo video of one of my hula hoop parties.


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