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Asheville Hoop Dancer Dancing to Sign of the Times Hoop Dance

This is Sarah, creator of The Hooping with Kids Teacher Training Program and today I’m hoop dancing to Sign of The Times by Harry Styles.

Here’s a hoop dance tutorial for one of my signature moves that I call Thread The Needle.

Thanks for watching.
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San Diego Artist Paints with Feet, Hula Hoops

San Diego Artist Paints with Feet, Hula Hoops


It’s been a while since I picked up a hula hoop. I really thought I was “done” with performing. But hoop dance always has a way of calling me back.


This concept has been keeping me awake at night, begging me to create it. I even saw/imagined the headlines, “San Diego Artist Paints with Feet, Hula Hoops.” Anyway, here’s my dance hoop art integration/vision.


Don’t judge me too harshly because I had major muscle spasms while this was filmed. We did it all in ONE TAKE. And despite my hands being glopped with paint and sand, I held onto the hoop as if the hand of a God (or demon?) was wrapped around mine.


If you like this, you might want to come to my full moon creativity workshop in San Diego.

This video was filmed by my husband, Chad Jordan, at Dog Beach in San Diego. The song is called Riptide by Vance Joy.


Unfortunately Chad cut out the part where I said, “this painting sucks,” at the end 😉


29 inch poly pro Hoop generously provided by M Newman Designs.


And if you like my hoop dance style, grab free hoop dance tutorials here or grab a copy of my Hoop dance Choreography DVD while it lasts.

Hoop Dance Choreography How-to

If you’ve been following my hoop dance choreography how-to video tutorials for the last few weeks, you will have a framework for putting them all together.
This next video below will show you how to put 2 of them together. Next week you will learn another combo to add to it! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!