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Hula Hooping while Playing the Ukulele

So I got a ukulele for Christmas. At first I couldn’t even play a G chord, but I made it my goal to learn how to play a song while hula hooping at the same time.

Without further ado, here I am hula hooping while playing the ukulele:

In other hoop news, it’s been a brutal winter for Asheville so outdoor hula hoop fun inlcuding hula hoop parties will have to wait until Spring.

Last month someone wanted to hire me to do a hoop dance  party for kids for their corporate party, but due to space restrictions, I ended up hosting an arts and crafts party and face painting instead. It was super fun.

I welcomed several new teachers into my Hoop Teacher Training course this month.

Happy hooping and thanks for watching 🙂

San Diego Hilton Hooping Highlights


On Friday I got to perform at my favorite hotel, the Hilton. I brought 40+ hoops with me and entertained 75 kids for an hour.

Here’s a an inside glimpse of some San Diego Hilton Hooping Highlights:



The view from my classroom!
The view from my classroom!

And you will NEVER guess who I had my photo taken with on Saturday night when I was performing at the Adams Avenue Street Fair!

This Michael Jackson impersonator was spot on!
This Michael Jackson impersonator was spot on!

Want to learn to hoop dance? Grab a free sample of my hoop dance choreography DVD by email. It’s free.


6 Surprising Things I Learned From Teaching Thousands of Kids to Hula Hoop

6 Surprising Things I Learned From Teaching Thousands of Kids to Hula Hoop

For the last 5-ish years, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching hula hoop dance classes for kids based on a curriculum I created. I retired from teaching in person in 2014, but I learned so much from my students.

Read on and discover 6 surprising things I learned from teaching thousands of kids to hula hoop.


1) If you appeal to their interests, people will say yes.

Working with kids taught me how to be a master marketer because kids ALWAYS need to know, “what’s in it for me?” Learning how to share for the sake of it? “No way!” Learning how to share and be on a team using a hula hoop game? “Yes please!”


2) No matter where I travel, nothing attracts kids (and their parents) like a hula hoop.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve already managed to start booking gigs despite only being in California for only a month. That and the decision to follow my own advice right out of my Hooping with Kids teacher training program.


3)  Everything is a PROCESS.

Not so surprising. But the fact that kids see the end result and know it takes  work to get there and don’t just assume it takes “luck” or “natural ability” was shocking to me.

Kids instinctively know this! They are motivated by this challenge. It takes time. I’ve seen my child students practice a trick over and over again without getting frustrated or giving up. The “holy-cow-I-did-it” facial expression is so rewarding. (I’ve only seen 2 kids cry because they couldn’t do something. 2 out of thousands!)


4) Open-mindedness is contagious.

When kids are exposed to hoop dance, they walk away with a sense that anything is possible. They become more open-minded. They are motivated to try new things (even after hoop dance class is over).

kids hula hooping

5) Confidence can be taught.

Learning something new and so different gives kids (and adults!) a renewed sense of confidence.


At the beginning of class, I once overheard one of my students telling another student, “I’m really nervous after tomorrow’s test.” On his way out the door after hooping class, he said “If I can hula hoop around my neck like that, I can definitely ace that test.”

hula hoop classes for kids

6) Community trumps bullying.

Nothing creates a sense of community like learning a tough hula hoop trick together. I’ve witnesses bullies high-fiving their usual target in hoop class after mastering a tough trick together.


So take a page from my students’ book and have an open mind. You just might learn something.


PS. The Hooping with Kids Teacher Training program is on sale for only $99 (over 50% off) until midnight PST (9pm EST) tonight. Learn more about it here. 

99 percent of hoopers make this mistake
99 percent of hoopers make this mistake