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Hula Hooping while Playing the Ukulele

So I got a ukulele for Christmas. At first I couldn’t even play a G chord, but I made it my goal to learn how to play a song while hula hooping at the same time.

Without further ado, here I am hula hooping while playing the ukulele:

In other hoop news, it’s been a brutal winter for Asheville so outdoor hula hoop fun inlcuding hula hoop parties will have to wait until Spring.

Last month someone wanted to hire me to do a hoop dance  party for kids for their corporate party, but due to space restrictions, I ended up hosting an arts and crafts party and face painting instead. It was super fun.

I welcomed several new teachers into my Hoop Teacher Training course this month.

Happy hooping and thanks for watching 🙂

Keep Calm and Hula Hoop


It’s been more than 30 days since I started Hooping Harmony’s meditation program. Honestly I haven’t been able to do the meditation every day due to traveling (you can’t hula hoop on an airplane yet) but my results have been pretty damn amazing. Continue reading Keep Calm and Hula Hoop