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5 Hula Hoop Dance Tips from Professional Hoop Dancers

5 Hula Hoop Dance Tips from Professional Hoop Dancers

Have you ever had one of those “smack your forehead” moments where you said, “I wish I knew this a year ago!?”
I know I have! So I asked my Hoop Teacher Training Graduates for hula hoop dance tips they wish they knew one year ago. Here they are:

1) This tip is from Sequioa Kennedy: “Teach more tricks in your hula hoop dance class in order to get more people interested in your classes. Having a structured class is so important!”
2) Colleen Bell has a hoop dance tip that I can vouch for: “Passion Sells! Being able to speak confidently and passionately about hoop dancing has helped me sell more classes than anything else.”
Hula Hoop Dance Tips
Hula Hoop Dance Tips
3) Danielle Frauenhofer’s tip is sure to be a game changer for your hoop dance classes: “Recently, I taught a class at my local art center and only two girls signed up. For the second session, the class closed because no one signed up! The advertising that the center had going on just wasn’t enough, and in hindsight I remember wishing I had put some of my own posters up and done my own advertising for the class. I was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t thought to hustle from the get-go because I wasn’t even given a second chance. If the art center decides to offer my class again I will definitely be doing a bit of my own advertising in my town and surrounding areas. Something simple like a poster to hang in local store fronts. I believe there is a great potential for this class in this area, but I don’t think enough people knew it was going on.”
4) This tip from Kelsey Philo: ” Real, authentic progress takes way longer than you think it will (think years, not months), but that time will also pass faster than you think it will and all that practice will be worth it in the end. A little work every day goes so incredibly far. We all get frustrated and want to be better/faster/stronger immediately. Patience and practice makes all the difference.” You can find Kelsey at Kelsey Hoops.
5) This last tip from me applies to everything including hoop dance: Learn at least one new thing every day. Never assume you know it all or you will stagnate. Learning = Progress.
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How to Host Your Own Hula Hoop Making Party

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Hula Hoop Stuff I mentioned in the Video:

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36″ hula hoops for bigger kids: http://amzn.to/2h8d0Ar
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How to make your own hula hoops: https://youtu.be/yya8d1ZDlqs
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Pretty tape for decorating hula hoops: http://amzn.to/2g2Anur
How to decorate hula hoops: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfJcAh9-2bqkDoY1s5zfmVG-Z8c3N7WrP

How to Make Hula Hoops and Travel Hoops

Aloha and hoopy Monday. I’m exhausted from being gone away from home for the last 4 days. On Friday I was learning how to make balloon animals. My hoop troop did an amazing job performing on Saturday despite it being the most humid day ever and the music malfunctioning. We roll with the punches. Earlier Chad and I went food shopping and ate at a real Ramen Bar!

This magic moment
This magic moment

We went to Matt’s house on Sunday for food, fun & family. Everyone lives at least an hour away so the drive can be a drag when we have a jam-packed weekend. I practiced my balloon skillz for Lana and Trent. Later we watched Breaking Bad at Zach and Naimh’s after walking and giving Ziggy a really late dinner.

Not cool guys. Not cool.
Not cool guys. Not cool.

Yesterday we ate pizza and watched “Admission” at Bucky’s house, followed by a dip in the hot tub. Poor Ziggy was ignored most of this weekend and only got attention morning and night instead of 24/7. Today I will be  bothering him   spending time with him all day.

Without further ado, here’s a video showing you how to make your own hula hoops and travel hoops.