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Pay What You Wish: Marketing for Hoop Dancers


I’ve been hiding. Hiding a course called Marketing for Hoop Dancers.

It’s Marketing for Hoop Dancers is Pay What You Wish until next Friday

Take this course, apply what you learn and you will book gigs and classes on a regular basis, whether you teach kids or adults or perform in a nightlife setting.

Created by an experienced jack of all trades (Performer, Hoopsmith, Teacher, Retreat Hostess) and Psychology Buff who has booked hundreds of classes, parties and performed at Casino’s and Festivals all over the East and West Coast. My students are doing the same and MORE.

You will learn:

* How to effectively reach people (online AND offline, in real life) without pushy selling or feeling slimy, so that you can feel good helping people, and your bank account will feel good about growing!

*Discover the top 5 reasons people buy ANY product or service, so that you can tailor your message to suit your customers’ real needs. 

*Secrets to help your customers FIND YOU, instead of you hunting around for your next gig or class. 

Bonus: How to Get Sponsors to send you free stuff and exposure

This course goes above and beyond the marketing info inside The Hooping with Kids Teacher Training course. 

After you buy this, you will receive immediate access to your secret password and login information to login and view the course. You have access to this go-at-your-own-pace course forever. 
It’s Pay What You Wish until next Friday. Learn more about Marketing for Hoop Dancers here.  

See you inside,


How to Be a Sponsored Hooper

How to be a Sponsored Hooper


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get free stuff (hula hoops, flow props, clothing, food, free tickets to events, jewelry and more) from companies  in exchange for posing a photo of yourself with that free stuff?
Guess what? You can!
In this free video course, you will learn exactly how to compose a persuasive and compelling email/text/message so that you can show potential sponsors what’s in it for THEM.

Simply click HERE to get the course via email.




9 Funny Unusual Hooping Tutorials You Haven’t Seen


Last week I sent out a fun throwback Thursday playlist to my email list jam-packed with 9 Funny Unusual Hooping Tutorials You Haven’t Seen. My subscribers LOVED it!

Fun Throwback Thursday
Fun Throwback Thursday

Speaking of YouTube…Instead of creating a brand new paid “How to Become a Sponsored Hooper” E course, I’m going to just release the videos for FREE on YouTube. 


My subscribers asked for MORE TBT and MORE insider behind the scenes stories, so I listened…

And soon, you’ll get the inside scoop on:

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (cringe-worthy) and roll off the chair laughing stories from my 5 year career as a full-time hoop dance performer and hoop dance teacher.


  • Why I changed directions so many times


  • The raw truth about being visible, being bullied by other hoopers and more


  • Why I quit doing assemblies and teaching in person


  • and more!


Make sure you are subscribed to me on YouTube…new episodes starting next week!

We had a gorgeous weekend checking out Cabrillo nearby:

PicMonkey Collage2


Followed by a rainy Monday that was brightened up when I saw this amazing package from Stephanie of UrbanFlowerPot in the mail!

PicMonkey Collage