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Pay What You Wish: Marketing for Hoop Dancers


I’ve been hiding. Hiding a course called Marketing for Hoop Dancers.

It’s Marketing for Hoop Dancers is Pay What You Wish until next Friday

Take this course, apply what you learn and you will book gigs and classes on a regular basis, whether you teach kids or adults or perform in a nightlife setting.

Created by an experienced jack of all trades (Performer, Hoopsmith, Teacher, Retreat Hostess) and Psychology Buff who has booked hundreds of classes, parties and performed at Casino’s and Festivals all over the East and West Coast. My students are doing the same and MORE.

You will learn:

* How to effectively reach people (online AND offline, in real life) without pushy selling or feeling slimy, so that you can feel good helping people, and your bank account will feel good about growing!

*Discover the top 5 reasons people buy ANY product or service, so that you can tailor your message to suit your customers’ real needs. 

*Secrets to help your customers FIND YOU, instead of you hunting around for your next gig or class. 

Bonus: How to Get Sponsors to send you free stuff and exposure

This course goes above and beyond the marketing info inside The Hooping with Kids Teacher Training course. 

After you buy this, you will receive immediate access to your secret password and login information to login and view the course. You have access to this go-at-your-own-pace course forever. 
It’s Pay What You Wish until next Friday. Learn more about Marketing for Hoop Dancers here.  

See you inside,


5 Hula Hoop Dance Tips from Professional Hoop Dancers

5 Hula Hoop Dance Tips from Professional Hoop Dancers

Have you ever had one of those “smack your forehead” moments where you said, “I wish I knew this a year ago!?”
I know I have! So I asked my Hoop Teacher Training Graduates for hula hoop dance tips they wish they knew one year ago. Here they are:

1) This tip is from Sequioa Kennedy: “Teach more tricks in your hula hoop dance class in order to get more people interested in your classes. Having a structured class is so important!”
2) Colleen Bell has a hoop dance tip that I can vouch for: “Passion Sells! Being able to speak confidently and passionately about hoop dancing has helped me sell more classes than anything else.”
Hula Hoop Dance Tips
Hula Hoop Dance Tips
3) Danielle Frauenhofer’s tip is sure to be a game changer for your hoop dance classes: “Recently, I taught a class at my local art center and only two girls signed up. For the second session, the class closed because no one signed up! The advertising that the center had going on just wasn’t enough, and in hindsight I remember wishing I had put some of my own posters up and done my own advertising for the class. I was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t thought to hustle from the get-go because I wasn’t even given a second chance. If the art center decides to offer my class again I will definitely be doing a bit of my own advertising in my town and surrounding areas. Something simple like a poster to hang in local store fronts. I believe there is a great potential for this class in this area, but I don’t think enough people knew it was going on.”
4) This tip from Kelsey Philo: ” Real, authentic progress takes way longer than you think it will (think years, not months), but that time will also pass faster than you think it will and all that practice will be worth it in the end. A little work every day goes so incredibly far. We all get frustrated and want to be better/faster/stronger immediately. Patience and practice makes all the difference.” You can find Kelsey at Kelsey Hoops.
5) This last tip from me applies to everything including hoop dance: Learn at least one new thing every day. Never assume you know it all or you will stagnate. Learning = Progress.
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The Hoop Dance Profit Show: Episode 1 Hooping with Sarah

The Hoop Dance Profit Show: Episode 1 Hooping with Sarah

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