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The Hoop Dance Profit Show: Episode 1 Hooping with Sarah

The Hoop Dance Profit Show: Episode 1 Hooping with Sarah

Resources I mentioned in the Video:
♥ 10 hooping hacks to benefit you forever
♥How to get pro photos and demo videos for free
♥Pay what you wish Hoop Teacher Training Course

Hooping in the Snow Hooping by Sarah in Asheville

We got a lot of snow in Asheville over the weekend. I had to hoop dance in it at least once 🙂 Hooping in all these layers is harder than it looks. Thanks for watching!

Christmas Themed Hula Hoop Class Party Lesson Plans

This video will go over my Christmas-Themed Hoop Dance Lesson Plans for Kids.
I used these Jumbo Marshmallows.
I used these hoops: Dozen 30 inch deluxe hula hoops
And these: Dozen 36 inch deluxe hula hoops
I wore this candy cane costume.

Lesson Plan:

Snowball Toss Game (use the marshmallows–instructions in video) for 12 minutes
Hoop Scotch for 10 minutes (use marshallows instead of rocks–instructions in video)
Freeze Dance to Christmas Music for 5 to 10 minutes
Musical Hoops to Christmas Music for 10+ minutes (this game is like musical chairs but with hoops instead of chairs)
If you like this, check out the Pay What You Wish Hooping With Kids Teacher Training Program.