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99 Percent of Hoopers Make this Mistake. Do You?

99 percent of hoopers make this mistake
99 percent of hoopers make this mistake

Truth bomb: In 2012, when I created my first online course (now my best selling program), I hesitated to put it out into the world. Because It was not perfect. I was and STILL am not perfect.

I was not a computer programmer but I taught myself how to build a membership website from scratch back in 2009. I was not a videographer but we bought a camera for several thousand dollars and my husband filmed dozens of videos for me, which I spent half a year editing.

And even though I had a waiting list of a dozen people waiting to buy The Hooping with Kids program, I ALMOST didn’t even hit the publish button! Until my older sister literally shook me by the shoulders and said, “It doesn’t have to be perfect! Nobody is perfect! It just has to be out in the world where it can help people!”

So I listened. And it became my “North Star”, my purpose. ♥ ♥

So I have a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for YOU: We never FEEL READY! What does READY even mean? We never feel ready or GOOD ENOUGH until AFTER we do the thing we fear ONCE. And then it’s all good! ♥ ♥

So believe me when I say that you are good enough. Many of my students could not keep a hula hoop around their waist when they first decided to enroll in the Hooping with Kids program…and now they are booking classes and performances all over! ♥ ♥

So I have a question for all of you today…because now that price is no longer an issue (because you can literally PAY WHAT YOU CAN to enroll in the Hooping with Kids online course until Friday at midnight), WHEN are you going to make your dreams come true? Because if you don’t have an answer…if you do not know when, then you will not do the things today that will get you there tomorrow.

PS. When I started teaching, I only knew 3 hoop dance moves! ♥ ♥So believe me when I say that you are good enough.

P.p.s: Grab my best-selling e books for only $1 until Friday January 9th at midnight!

Holiday Gifts for Hoop Dancers

Need a gift for the special hula hoop lover in your life? Look no further. I have you covered.

From hoops, to hoop bags and accessories from all around the web, just call me the google of hoop dancing 🙂


Speaking of shopping, here’s some sweet discount codes to save you some moolah, so you’ll have more money to buy gifts!

*Use code SARAHJ at Citiva Creationz for 10 perecent off. (You can get the Festie hoop bag and rainbow LED hoop there, among other cool stuff).

*Use code WHLSLHOOPS at Hoop Mamas to score 20 percent off 6 hoops or more! Check out their pretty poly pros and the above kiddo grip hoops.

*Use code HOOPYHOLIDAZE in the Hooping by Sarah shop to save $5.00 of any purchase of $30 or more from now until December 1st. (You’ll find the hooping sloth & other hooping fairy art, accessories & gifts & DVDs here)

*Use code SARAHSENTME to save $25 off Hoop Teacher Training at teachkidstohoop.com  (expires December 1st)

*Get 10% off Happy Wallet Clothing when you mention this blog post.

Where to find the other stuff?

*You can get a lovely wood hoop from woodhulahoop.com

*The fire spiral necklace is located here.

*Warm and cozy stuff to keep you warm while you’re hooping at Candace’s Closet. 

*Devi Pants are available here. 

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