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Asheville Hoop Dancer Dancing to Sign of the Times Hoop Dance

This is Sarah, creator of The Hooping with Kids Teacher Training Program and today I’m hoop dancing to Sign of The Times by Harry Styles.

Here’s a hoop dance tutorial for one of my signature moves that I call Thread The Needle.

Thanks for watching.
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6 Great Resources for Hoop Dancers to Find Gigs

Hi, this is Sarah and I’m the creator of the only Hoop Teacher Training Course that shows you exactly how to book your own paying classes, gigs and parties.
Today I’ll be showing you how to find gigs as a hoop dancer.
how to get gigs
How to find gigs as a hoop dancer
As a performer who performed almost every weekend for 6 years, I know a lot of you are scratching your heads wondering how I got so lucky. It’s not luck, but business savvy, my hooping friends.
Gigsalad: You can create a free account and let event planners in your area find you, or have a paid account and get access to “gig soup”, a searchable database of people looking for gigs in
your area. I have a gigsalad account and it’s already paid for itself many times over. The benefit of a paid account is that you can add more photos & videos, link back to your website, and get featured on gig salad’s main page.
Craigslist: Look in the “Events” section as well as the “Talent” section. You can do a search in each section for “dancer” or “party entertainment.” Be aware that most ads looking for a dancer are looking for strippers 🙂
Twitter: I’ve gotten many leads from Twitter by doing a search for “face painters in Philly”. You can do the same thing for hoop dancers. When you respond to the person’s tweet, they are usually delighted that you found them.
Facebook: This 2 minute video will show you how I book gigs for hoop dance and face painting.

Your local Community Center or Library: I live in a one square mile town, so I thought the chances of having regular performing gigs around this sleepy, quaint area were slim to none.
I was wrong, luckily. I made flyers and posted them in the Library. Within days I received calls about doing children’s workshops. So far I’ve worked with hundreds of libraries on the East Coast, and I’ve taught over 500 women worldwide in my Hooping with Kids Online Teacher Training Program how to do it too.
People you know: On any given day, someone you know might be having a party or celebration. Offer to perform there. In exchange, you get to hand out your business cards (which are super cheap on vistaprint.com by the way) and make connections with people who are impressed by your talent.
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