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Hoop Dancing in my Art Room Hooping with Sarah

Hey guys! Each Spring I emerge from hibernation with a new hoop dance. This is me hooping in my Art room. My art is available here.

Thanks for watching. I do not own the rights to this song.

Blind Melon No Rain Hoop Dance Hooping by Sarah Asheville Hoop Dancer

I’ve always wanted to create a hoop dance video to No Rain by Blind Melon. I finally found the perfect yellow coat for it at Goodwill yesterday.
I filmed this hoop dance video this on my porch in Swannanoa, a small town near Asheville.
My favorite part is Rosie (cute Boston Terrier pet sitting client) looking at me dance through the sliding glass door! I even got her to jump through a hoop, but did not get it on camera.
Thanks for watching.

Hooping with Sarah and Melissa Slawsky from Dark Matters Music Collaborate

Melissa and Sarah are sisters. Melissa is the creator of Dark Matters Music. Sarah is the creator of the Pay What You Wish Hooping with Kids Teacher Training Program.
As a composer of ambient electronic pieces and piano underscore, Melissa Slawsky exemplifies her finesse in blending textural, analog synths and global electronica together. While classically trained, her projects adopt a contemporary spin which makes listening to her music a truly, one-of-a-kind experience.
Armed with a variety of instruments including her Kawai CA-95 digital piano, ROLI Seaboard Grand and Arturia Analog MIDI lab to name a few, Melissa’s direction leans towards the sonic qualities of timbre and tone first, and texture second.
Melissa is a maverick open for opportunity – she prides herself on ‘showing’ instead of ‘telling’, and her determination to succeed in the music industry is only rivalled by her undying passion for the art form itself.
Melissa Slawsky, Ph.D., NCTM is a 21st century music educator with 10+ years of higher education teaching experience in the traditional and audio production settings. From applied piano to music theory and music history, Dr. Slawsky can go from talking about Franz Liszt, to Lady Gaga, and Lil Wayne while teaching the same concepts. It’s all music to her.