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Hooping with Sarah’s Thread The Needle Hoop Dance Tutorial

Hey there, this is Sarah Jordan, Asheville face painter and hoop dancer extraordinaire!
Today I’m going to share with you my Thread The Needle Hoop Dance tutorial. Watch it here below:
As you can see, you will need good balance and flexibility to do the advanced version, which is rooted in my ballet training–a grand battement minus the hoop!

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Article by Hoop Dance Guru Sarah Jordan. Sarah loves sharing the joy of dance with children in Asheville. Sarah helps women worldwide turn their passion for hoop dance into a successful business. Get your free “10 Hooping Hacks To Benefit You Forever” and more fun hoop dance Tutorials at www.teachkidstohoop.com<h/6>

This is Halloween Hoop dance


I finally made a video in my new front yard. 5 Minutes of filming plus 5 hours of editing = this 2 and a half minute video: This is Halloween Hoop dance.

Enjoy 🙂

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