Shoulder & Chest Hooping Tutorial

When you are first learning how to hula hoop around your shoulders, you will need some hoop-friendly clothing, like this:


or this: Human Don’t Force the Flow

NaLuck Women’s Boho Hippie Elephant Jumpsuit Rayon Smocked Waist Yoga Baggy Harem Pants PJ23-Crimson3

Make sure your hoop has some grip tape on it. I love this kind…it’s colorful and helps the hoop stick to you too: Devek Professional’s Choice Premium Neon U.V Spike / Gaffer Tape Matte Cloth With Rubber Adhesive 12.5 Mil Thick Rainbow Pack – Neon – Green , Orange, Pink, Yellow – 1 Inch X 8 Yards

Be sure you are using a heavy enough hoop that is at least 40 inches around. Try one like this: Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise and Fitness – 42″ Diameter Regular Adult

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