How To Pirouette While Hooping Part 1: Drills to Build Strength & Balance

How To Pirouette While Hooping Part 1: Drills to Build Strength & Balance

I filmed part 1 of this tutorial a few years ago. Watch it and disover how to build strength, grace and balance for pirouettes.
Watch part 1 below:


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Here are some really important tips about Hooping Gracefully: Tips for Adding Ballet and Bellydance with Hooping.
Stretching is important for flexibility, safety and beautiful extension.
Watch this video to stretch with your hoop:

Feel like a hooping t-rex? Click the image below to watch my next tutorials for beautiful hooping hands and arms.

The cure for T-Rex Arms

The great news is I will be filming and sharing part 2 of How to Pirouette while hooping in the very near future…with my professional camera and microphone. Want me to email it to you? Click here.
This older video was made before I had a great camera, but the ballet tips are still incredibly valuable.
Even more great news: I’m thinking about creating an entire “Hoop Ballet” online course in the near future, after we get settled in Asheville.


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