How to Become A Sponsored Hooper

 How to Become a Sponsored Hooper

Having is a sponsor is great. You give them exposure. Sponsors send you free stuff. You sometimes cross promote each other…which potentially means more business.

One of the questions people always ask me is, how to get sponsors? How to Become a Sponsored Hooper?

In this post, I’ll reveal part of my strategy to tip the odds in your favor of winning the next hooping contest or sponsorship.

Update: As on January 2015, Lara Bar became my official sponsor! There’s proof that I know how to get sponsors and write emails that get results.


First, I’m suuuuuper excited to be chosen as the winner of another sponsorship contest. I’ll be representing M. Newman Designs…they make gorgeous custom hooping accessories, clothing, and hoops.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m one of those lucky b*tches who wins everything.  I’ve recently won:
*A Nintendo 3Ds
*A wooden hula hoop worth over $75
*Free ticket to Hoop Camp 2013 (over $500 value)
*Sponsorships from some major flow art companies including Wood hula hoops, Brightly Wound Hoops, and M. Newman Designs
*Hoop dance clothing, dozens of hula hoops and more!

I’m not telling you this to brag. I’m telling you because there is a science and strategy to winning! About half of the prizes listed up there, were not in a public contest. I simply reached out in a very specific way, pitched my idea, and boom…awesome prizes, hoop swag and more!

In my own experience, when I tell my list of thousands of people I’m having a contest, literally only a handful of people enter EVERY time!

It’s because most people can’t be bothered. In their minds, they’ve lost before they even start.

So obviously the first strategy to winning sponsorships is to actually put yourself out there and try. Yes, that’s obvious. Take note: people who say they never win anything so why bother.

Next, there are some very specific things you must do before a company will even consider sponsoring you, and it has nothing to do with being lucky, being famous, or using tricks.



Here are a few more tips to help you get noticed by potential sponsors: 

*Make genuine connections. Be helpful. Do nice things for people just for the sake of doing them. Don’t just contact someone asking for free stuff. That is NOT the way to do it.

*What big benefit will sponsors get from sponsoring you? Figure that out and you are golden.

Following my instructions will:
*help you have a HUGE chance of connecting with the big names in your industry who might sponsor you, provide publicity and potentially send you prizes.
*be simple because I’ve already figured out how this works. I did this even before anyone knew who I was in the hooping world, with the same amazing results.

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