Hoop Dance Choreography Sample

Watch 10 minutes of my 35 minute Choreography DVD below, just for joining my inner circle.

Want more? The full DVD is available here. Click here to buy the DVD.

Makes exercise fun. Burns up to 300 calories. Builds coordination & balance. Improves focus & self esteem.

Burn calories and have fun as you learn 2 hula hoop dance routines from a professional. You’ll learn 30 hoop dance moves, then learn how to link them all together into an elegant routine.

Includes a routine for beginners and one for intermediate hoop dancers. Includes: Warm up Tutorials on each move One beginner routine and One Intermediate routine.

“Sarah’s Hoop Choreography for Beginners and Beyond is an excellent addition to my hoop dvd library. Most hoop dvds focus on teaching different skills in separate segments without any guidelines on how to link those moves together. Sarah provides expert instruction on different hoop skills and then pieces those skills together to create a lovely, choreographed hoop dance. This dvd contains detailed instruction that is valuable both to a beginner and an experienced hooper and encourages dance movement in the hoop. Sarah’s directions are clear, easy to follow and open up new directions to explore in your own practice. Many hoopers find that making their hoop movements “flow” is a difficult process. This dvd can help you find your “flow” by illustrating how to incorporate a variety of hoop tricks for a smooth performance even if you do not have a dance background. For teachers, the dvd is a great supplement to your class lesson plan by providing choreographed sequences that your students will enoy learning and will encourage more freedom of movement. In short-it’s a keeper!!” Laurel Fleming Richie

Click here to buy the DVD.
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