How to Find Your Flow With Hooping

Hey, this is Sarah from and and today I’m going to show you how to find your flow with hooping in just 4 minutes.
How to Find Your Flow In Just 4 Minutes
How to Find Your Flow In Just 4 Minutes



Other hoop dancers always ask me how to improve their flow so that they can hoop dance effortlessly and smoothly.


This video will show you exactly that. Watch it below:


Video Summary/Transcript:


Want effortless flow? Most hoop dancers mistakenly think that flow means smoothly linking moves together. And although that is exactly what happens when you are in a state of flow, flow is actually a state of mind.


Hack your brain


Since flow is a state of mind, it’s simple to hack/trick/train your brain to go into flow states. 


What is flow?



It’s an intense concentration that makes it seem like you are magically hooping (or creating art, or playing music, or insert creative task here) without even thinking about what to do next.


The great news is ANYONE can reach/benefit from flow states….from artists, writers, hoop dancers and other dancers, musicians and more.


Find flow ASAP


To find your flow quickly and easily, let me introduce you to your brain. Your left brain is critical and analytical. It demands perfection.


Your right brain is crazy, fun, happy and creative.


While you need your WHOLE brain to function…In order to hoop dance in a state of flow/creative bliss, the right brain and the left brain need to TAKE TURNS. They can’t both be at the party simultaneously when your goal is to create, or they will fight.


So if you want to be in a state of flow, let your right brain create. YOU HAVE PERMISSION to make mistakes, to get messy, and to create combinations that look silly.


How to tell if you’re left brain is there


If you’re hooping, and you want to know if you’re using your right vs. left brain at the moment, pay attention to your self talk.


If you are embarrassed to hoop in public, it’s because your left brain has taken over…and it’s probably thinking, “I look dumb. I dropped my hoop. I can’t do anything right.” On a side note–if you don’t want to hoop in public ALONE, you’ll love this article–3 Ways to Find Hoopers Wherever You Live.


You’ll be able to tell if you’re using mostly your right brain because you’ll be enjoying yourself and focused on the present moment.


And if you want to let your left brain in on the fun, record yourself hoop dancing. Later, when you watch the video, your left brain can edit the video to watch for ways that you can improve.


So that about sums up how to find your flow. If you liked this, share with a friend using one of the share buttons.


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