Using dozens of videos and articles, you’ll learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.


*You’ll learn all about business in simple, easy to understand terms, so that you know exactly who to contact and what to say when setting up a class, and how much to charge too. So there’s no guesswork.

*Follow the steps in the course you will fill your calendar with classes, gigs and parties.

 You learn:

Hoop dance moves, tricks & terminology
Types of classes: Trick-based, choreography, Game-based
Team Building Exercises so that you’ll have a variety of ways to keep your class interested.

How to make your own hoops, Where to buy quality hoops in bulk
Working with Kids with Special Needs
Lesson Plan Samples
Music for your classes 

 Where to Teach & How to Market Your Classes

How much to charge

Contracts & deposits, How to go Legit, Liability Insurance, Business Essentials

How to Get Testimonials and Referrals so that you can add credibility to your lessons

Marketing your classes, FAQs and Course Wrap up, so that you can connect with your students and ideal customers.



1)training modules including HD videos, audio podcasts and articles, so whether you prefer to learn visually, through listening or reading, you’re covered.

2)Sample lesson plans for you to download and print at home, so you can print only what you need. Better for you and our planet.

3)Instruction on hoop dance tricks, games, and choreography, so you’ll have a variety of class types to teach.


1)Teach kids to hoop is 100% online and mobile friendly, so you can take the course with you. Do it at home, at a coffee shop, on your phone while on vacation. The choice is yours.

2)The course material is yours to keep forever. So you’ll always have access to it.

3)Learn at your own pace, so you can take a week or two years to finish it. It’s up to you!


1)You’ll get listed as a certified instructor on the website, so you can be found by people all over the world.
2)You’ll get Monthly Cheat Sheets by email, so you have done for you resources.
3)You’ll get exclusive access to the members-only Facebook group, so you can connect with other hoop teachers, ask questions, and receive support.

Who is the Course for?
1)You’re new to hooping and love sharing it with others.
2) You’re an experienced hoop dancer but don’t have teaching experience.
3)You teach hoop dance to adults and don’t know what to do in a hoop class for kids

Who is the Course NOT for?
1)If you’re unable to participate in physical exercise, this course is not for you.

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