Hi, My name is Sarah Jordan. I took a massively unconventional route to hooping success. Since 2009, I’ve taught more 1000 hoop dance classes, performed at just as many parties, and showed over 500 of my Hooping With Kids graduates worldwide how to do the same.

 I’ve been featured on the news, in Vogue Magazine and in over 50 other fabulous places in the media…


And my students have been featured in music videos, Nickelodian’s Kids Choice Awards, on Sesame Street, and a variety of other media.

Fun Facts:

I’m a nomad…so far I’ve lived in New Jersey, Hawaii, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California. I currently live in Asheville, NC.
I’m a fairly good wife, although I am not good at cooking. I love animals. I am child-free by choice and I have 11 nieces and nephews.
I treasure the internet. I met my husband Chad on match.com…We eloped in Hawaii in 2009.
When I’m not traveling or performing, you will find making giggle-inducing animal art, face painting or  pet sitting in Asheville, NC.

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