6 Surprising Ways to find your hoop flow faster

Have you ever noticed that some days your hooping seems to be more effortless? And sometimes it’s a chore to come up with combos because your brain just won’t cooperate? Through my informal research (journaling for 3 and a half years), and proven Psychological strategies, I’ve found that there are 6 surprising things you can do to find your hoop flow faster.

Even doing a just a few of these tips will improve your hooping flow.

Sarah Jordan photographed by by Frank Siegel
Sarah Jordan photographed by by Frank Siegel

1) Stop multi-tasking. And not just with hooping. Be present no matter what you are doing. This is a tough one in this smartphone-filled world. Stop reading while you’re eating. Stop playing with your phone in traffic. Why? Because when you are always distracted, you’re training your mind to wander even when you want to focus. Studies show that 99% of us cannot multitask! So stop. “Be here now.” Meditating will help you big time with this! (By the way, I thought I couldn’t meditate until I tried this.)

2) Quit negativity, gossip & complaining. I swear some folks seems to be having a “my life is worse” contest. Being around negativity is draining, and you won’t be able to find your flow if you are emotionally drained. There was someone in the hooping community who I knew deep down was a very “toxic” person to have around, and I continued to try to be friends because my husband liked hanging out with them. But when I listened to my own intuition and cut this person loose and wish them the best, it freed up so much space in my mind and my heart. I felt so relieved and blissed out that I found my hooping flow instantly that night and every night after. Try it for yourself and see.

3) Embrace honesty. We’re brought up to do things we “have” to do. But this year I started saying “no” a lot more often. Time is precious. If I’m not jumping for joy over something, I refuse to do it. That applies for social situations, and even gigs. Yes, you read that correct. I know there are millions of people in the universe, so if I choose to only work with people who fit in with me, I know I’m opening the doors for more clients who I can do my best work with. Michael Port talks about this “red velvet rope policy” as well.

4) Say No more often. This ties in with embracing honesty as well. If you don’t feel like doing something that is negotiable, simply say so and don’t do it. (I’m not talking about non-negotiables such as eating, breathing, and other necessities of daily living). How can honesty improve your hooping? Because when your mind isn’t weighed down with obligations, you are free to flow! Try it for yourself.

5) Get out of your comfort zone! And not just with hooping. Sure, try some new music or a different environment…but when you change something in your life, your hooping will follow. For example, try a new foreign cuisine, take a different route to work, explore new friends, a new city, etc. I just got back from a short business trip to NY (more on that in a new blog post) and last night my hooping style was so different and frantic that my husband thought I was in “fast forward.” I wasn’t.

6) Do Less. We’re always trying to do more…get more done, go to more events, do this, do that, blah blah blah. But what do you do everyday that is unnecessary? We perform at our best when we are thinking less, not more. So take a page from James Altucher’s book and cross one thing off your “to do” list and never do it again. You’ll thank me later.

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