10 Hooping Hacks that will benefit you forever

Because I write SO MUCH, chances are you have not seen my very best work. So here are 10 Hooping Hacks that will benefit you forever and a bonus Free Video Series: Become a Kids Hoop Dance Teacher

1) Your hula hoop has a kink. Hack: Cut it out and make a new hoop. Use this tutorial:

The links below will take you to materials you will need in order to make your own hoops:

Blazing RC-1000 Economy Racheting Pipe Cutter, 1-5/8″, Yellow

A hair dryer. I use this type: Revlon RV544 Perfect Heat Fast Dry Speed Hair Dryer

Genova Products 910071 3/4-Inch x 100-Foot 100 PSI Poly Cold Water Plumbing/Irrigation Pipe Tubing Roll

Genova Products C350107 3/4-Inch Plumbing/Irrigation Poly Insert Pipe Coupling – 10 Pack

18 Roll Variety Pack of Bazic Print and Solid Colors (brights and regular colors) of All Purpose Duct Tape

Scraft Artise (10) Rolls of Washi Masking Tape Japanese Decorative Set, 15mm x 10m, approx. 5/8″x 33′, 10 Bright Solid Colors, Fun for Scrapbooking, Journaling, Cards, DIY, Arts & Crafts

2) Your hula hoop slides down your legs. Hack: Sneaky tricks to get the hoop up from your legs.

3) You have no idea how much to charge for gigs. This free pricing workshop has you covered.
4) You can’t seem to find your flow. Find it in 4 minutes flat with this video. 
10 Hooping Hacks to Benefit You Forever by Asheville Hoop Dancer Sarah Jordan
10 Hooping Hacks to Benefit You Forever by Asheville Hoop Dancer Sarah Jordan
5) You took a teacher training program but still have  no idea how to book gigs and get paying classes.
Hack:  This Hoop Teacher Training Course teaches you the business side of hooping, so you learn how to book your own paying gigs and classes.


6) You’re not sure if you can yourself a pro or not…find out the difference between an amateur and a pro here. 
7) The wedgie trick is super painful. Hack: Do this instead.
8) You would like to perform, but you never want to leave your house. Hack: Hooping in public, an introvert’s guide. 
9) You feel like a dork hooping by yourself. Hack: 3 Ways to Find Hoop Friends no matter where you live.
10) You aren’t sure how to introduce hooping to kids who have autism. Hack: Hooping advice for the non-neurotypical 


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The only Hoop Teacher Training Program that shows you how to book your own paying gigs, classes and parties.


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