Hooping with Sarah Reviews M Newman Designs Poly Pro Hula Hoops


Hooping with Sarah Reviews M Newman Designs Poly Pro Hula Hoops



Before I tried poly pro hula hoops, I thought I was just destined to be a slow and graceful hoop dancer FOREVER.


But Poly Pro hula hoops CHANGED everything.


If you haven’t heard of poly pro, watch this quick (and old!) vid for an overview:




Now watch my review of M Newman Designs Poly Pro Hula Hoops.

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Help, I Look Like a T-Rex! Get Beautiful Hooping Hands and Arms ASAP

Help, I Look Like a T-Rex! Get Beautiful Hooping Hands and Arms ASAP


One of the things new (and experienced) hoop dancers say to me is, “Help, I look like a T-Rex!”


Image from imgarcade dot come

Image from imgarcade dot come


After I’m done laughing, I always say that it’s TOTALLY possible to get beautiful hooping hands and arms ASAP.



Of course I’ve made some videos showing you exactly how to get beautiful hooping hands and arms.


You won’t even need a hoop because in order to perfect (or at least improve) the look of your hands and arms while hoop dancing, you need to practice your arm and hand movements without a hula hoop.

Watch Beautiful Hooping Hands Now:


Watch Beautiful Hooping ARMS Now:


I promise you, you are not a hopeless case! There IS a cure for T-Rex hands/arms. All you have to do is PRACTICE along with these videos.


 Eventually, throw on your hula hoop and try out these movements while you are hooping.


If you are teaching these hula hooping arm movements to kids, a hula hoop that is meant to be danced with will work like gang busters! Hooping with Kids Students get 12 deluxe hula hoops for kids ($200 value) when they enroll in the Hooping with Kids Teacher Training Program. 


 Now I want to hear from you…were you able to cure your T-Rex hands? Leave a comment and let me know.


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How to Be a Sponsored Hooper

How to be a Sponsored Hooper

Video Summary:

What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor gives you free stuff in exchange for exposure and promotion to your customers and fans.

There are different types of sponsorships such as straight up sponsors, cross promotions and paid product placements.

What’s In it for Sponsors?

Sponsors might have a huge audience, but it’s a different audience than yours. In order to reach as many people as possible, they may want to give sponsorees stuff to promote.

What Sponsors REALLY Want

Sponsors want the attention of raving fans. Are you a hoop dance teacher who teaches a new class every week? Sponsors might be dying to get in front of your audience!

How do I know? Because that’s how I got my sponsorships. That’s how several of my students got theirs too. Want to become a hoop dance teacher? Click here.

Why Am I Qualified to Teach You About This?

I’m sponsored by M. Newman Designs and Larabar. I’m an award-winning hooping business guru with years of professional experience under my belt.

How to Increase Your Chances of Becoming a Sponsored Hoop Dancer

1) Research the people behind the company. Don’t just blindly pitch.

2) Fill out my super helpful “Sponsor Yo’Self PDF” that I will send you for free via email here.  (If you are already in my hoop posse, you already got the PDF.)

3) When you reach out to people, show how you can help them. Don’t just send an email asking for free stuff or they will want reach through the computer screen and slap you after they read your moochy email.

4) Think outside the hula hoop. Be different in your approach! Don’t just reach out to hooping companies. That’s how I landed Lara Bar!

5) Don’t be a copy cat: If someone you know if sponsored by Poop Hoops, don’t reach out to Poop Hoops. They don’t want a billion emails. (I just made up Poop Hoops, he he).

 The Most Important Take Away:

Show what’s in it for them. Don’t be moochy. Be helpful. Did you like this video? Were you able to get a sponsorship after applying what you learned? Tell me all about it in the comments.