Pay What You Wish Hoop Teacher Training

With all the stuff going on in the world, I’m doing something to create more peace…because happy children do not commit crimes, and happy adults spread the joy to their children.

I’ve decided to permanently make The Hooping With Kids Teacher Training Program a pay what you wish program…forever.

I hope you will take advantage of this hoop dance teacher training resource and share it with your friends.


79 places to teach hoop dance classes for kids from A to Z

Hey there, this is Sarah Jordan.
This list will show you where to teach hula hoop dance classes for kids.


If you’re familiar with my hoop teacher training program, you know that there are programs and places with budgets for hoop dance classes for kids. I show students exactly how to tap into these places by showing them the benefits of hiring you in my course.

Here are 79 places to teach hoop dance classes for kids from A to Z:

Aquariums, art museums, after school programs, art events, arthritis camp, assisted living homes
Birthday Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Party Rental Centers,
Children’s Museums, Churches, camps, Comic Con, community events, Circus Schools, Charity groups, craft fairs, Catholic Schools
Day Care Centers, dance studios, drama groups
Event planners, Entertainment companies


Farmer’s Markets, Film Premiers, festivals, fitness centers, fairy fest, flea markets, Festival of Lights (LED shows!),
Girl Scouts, Grand Openings,, gyms for kids, Gymnastics Centers,
Holiday parties & events & parades, Halloween events, Hospitals
Independent businesses (toy shops and other small biz), Immaculata Schools
Hooping with Sarah, creator of the Hooping with Kids Teacher Training program
Hooping with Sarah, creator of the Hooping with Kids Teacher Training program
Jewish community centers, Juvenile Arthritis Center, Jump Rope for Heart,
Kids sports groups,
Museums, Mom groups, Meetups for parents, Montessori Schools
National Endowment for the arts, Nickelodeon, nursing homes,
Other children’s party entertainment companies, Orphanages,
Preschools, parades, parties, PTO/PTA, playgroups, private schools, parents night out


Reading programs, Renaissance fair,
Schools, science centers, skating rinks, school newsletters, senior centers, summer camp
Talent agencies, theaters (indie),
Vacation Bible School, Vegetable Circus
Weekend workshops,
Youth groups, yoga centers, YMCA

Now that you know where to teach, you might need some hula hoops.

Make them yourself with this free tutorial.

Not the crafty type? These are the hoops I used for all of my hula hoop parties and classes for kids: Pull Buoy 8003D Deluxe Hula Hoop Set, 36″ Size, Assorted Colors

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Hooping with Sarah’s Thread The Needle Hoop Dance Tutorial

Hey there, this is Sarah Jordan, Asheville face painter and hoop dancer extraordinaire!
Today I’m going to share with you my Thread The Needle Hoop Dance tutorial. Watch it here below:
As you can see, you will need good balance and flexibility to do the advanced version, which is rooted in my ballet training–a grand battement minus the hoop!

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Article by Hoop Dance Guru Sarah Jordan. Sarah loves sharing the joy of dance with children in Asheville. Sarah helps women worldwide turn their passion for hoop dance into a successful business. Get your free “10 Hooping Hacks To Benefit You Forever” and more fun hoop dance Tutorials at<h/6>