San Diego Artist Paints with Feet, Hula Hoops

San Diego Artist Paints with Feet, Hula Hoops


It’s been a while since I picked up a hula hoop. I really thought I was “done” with performing. But hoop dance always has a way of calling me back.


This concept has been keeping me awake at night, begging me to create it. I even saw/imagined the headlines, “San Diego Artist Paints with Feet, Hula Hoops.” Anyway, here’s my dance hoop art integration/vision.


Don’t judge me too harshly because I had major muscle spasms while this was filmed. We did it all in ONE TAKE. And despite my hands being glopped with paint and sand, I held onto the hoop as if the hand of a God (or demon?) was wrapped around mine.


If you like this, you might want to come to my full moon creativity workshop in San Diego.

This video was filmed by my husband, Chad Jordan, at Dog Beach in San Diego. The song is called Riptide by Vance Joy.


Unfortunately Chad cut out the part where I said, “this painting sucks,” at the end ;)


29 inch poly pro Hoop generously provided by M Newman Designs.


And if you like my hoop dance style, grab free hoop dance tutorials here or grab a copy of my Hoop dance Choreography DVD while it lasts.

3 Bad Hooping Habits to Break Right Now

3 Bad Hooping Habits to Break Right Now

Are you stagnating or feeling stuck? You might be guilty of these 3 Bad Hooping Habits. Watch this video and learn how to overcome them now. (I swear I don’t like possessed the entire time :))


Sneak a peek at my art studio



The last 3 weeks have been insanely busy and hectic, sprinkled with bursts of creativity.


During my “morning pages” (3 pages of daily free writing), I had a breakthrough… I finally realized I stopped creating art and sewing, not because I was “busy”, but when my Grandmom died 4 years ago.


I’m still not over her passing…but I am ready to create again. So today you can sneak a peek at “my art studio”…which happens to be outside on our porch.


A few weeks ago, I kept seeing and having dreams about parrots. I still seem them everywhere.


Then I started having dreams about wolves. In a continued dream, I adopted 2 wolves.


This painting shows a wolf/parrot being protected by a wise old man with tentacles growing out of his eyes…and represents my dog Ziggy (more on that in a second) traveling to the spirit world.

Anima Mundi Painting

Phase 1 of Anima Mundi


 I started painting before work each day, starting on Monday. This painting is an enormous 2 feet by 4 feet.


I will eventually be offering prints in various sizes for sale when the painting is finished.


Phase 2 of Anima Mundi painting


 After I got paint on our patio chairs that I was using for an easel, Chad and I ordered this metal easel.

phase 3

Anima Mundi painting phase 3


 Here’s a close up of the seahorse…based on my parents’ dog, Minnie.


seahorse holding a dreamcatcher


 The other night, Chad and I went to a drum circle for the full moon. It was my first time drumming, but it won’t be the last. Wailing on hand drums for 2 hours surrounded by people who are a bit strange…was very freeing.


My affirmation for the circle was, “I create art and I live from my heart.


Anyway, today I walked to the beach and collected shells like a 5 year old…on my way back, I saw this.



Flower petals in a heart-shaped crack on the sidewalk in Ocean Beach


 Speaking of art and artists, me and Adelaide have been making progress on our online course for performers. We’ll be filming very soon.


 So back to Ziggy. He is 14 years old. He is my dog child. And he’s been giving us quite a scare.


He’s been to the vet a few times in the last week…one for “senior” check up, where they found his liver counts were sky high.


The other appointment was for an infection caused by the needle he got during his senior checkup.


On Tuesday I will take him for an ultrasound. If they find a bad tumor, we’ll get it removed when I return from Florida. And they’ll clean his teeth at the same time.


Oh yeah, he stopped eating. I thought he had a stomach ache. But then I ground up his food in the food processor and he ate like there was no tomorrow.


But if they don’t find anything in the ultrasound, we won’t risk putting him under to have his teeth cleaned…because there’s a chance he won’t wake up.


I was so stressed out I needed a giant pina coloda…my first drink in 6 months


 Oh yeah, did I mention I’m visiting from parents next Wednesday for 6 days? It’s horrible timing. But if I don’t go now, I never will. It’s my last trip while we have the Zig Meister. Chad will be staying home and watching Ziggy.


My best friend, Ziggy


 Incidentally, one of the only knick-knacky type things I own looks like Ziggy. I’ve had this figurine since I was a kid.


 On Friday I went to a girl’s night at Claytime Pottery in Ocean Beach. And I made this Ziggy figurine. It will be darker after it goes in the kiln. I pick it up Tuesday after Ziggy gets his ultrasound.


 On that note, I created a new website (more on that later) for my artsy shananigans and future clothing line, but I’ve been too busy to build a new website, ha!


For more details and photos and to buy them, click here.

But I’m never too busy to eat a coconut for dinner.