9 Funny Unusual Hooping Tutorials You Haven’t Seen


Last week I sent out a fun throwback Thursday playlist to my email list jam-packed with 9 Funny Unusual Hooping Tutorials You Haven’t Seen. My subscribers LOVED it!

Fun Throwback Thursday

Fun Throwback Thursday

Speaking of YouTube…Instead of creating a brand new paid “How to Become a Sponsored Hooper” E course, I’m going to just release the videos for FREE on YouTube. 


My subscribers asked for MORE TBT and MORE insider behind the scenes stories, so I listened…

And soon, you’ll get the inside scoop on:

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (cringe-worthy) and roll off the chair laughing stories from my 5 year career as a full-time hoop dance performer and hoop dance teacher.


  • Why I changed directions so many times


  • The raw truth about being visible, being bullied by other hoopers and more


  • Why I quit doing assemblies and teaching in person


  • and more!


Make sure you are subscribed to me on YouTube…new episodes starting next week!

We had a gorgeous weekend checking out Cabrillo nearby:

PicMonkey Collage2


Followed by a rainy Monday that was brightened up when I saw this amazing package from Stephanie of UrbanFlowerPot in the mail!

PicMonkey Collage



Sunset Cliffs Hoop Dance Photo


This weekend was super fun and busy…and I’ll share more about that later. For now, here’s a sunset cliffs hoop dance photo that Chad snapped of me.

Hoop Dancings at Sun Set Cliffs

Hoop Dancings at Sun Set Cliffs

I also spent a lot of time creating a free mini version of the most popular (paid) Hooping with Kids E Course.

*This free mini E-Course is Jam-packed with over 10 simple, fun tutorials you can watch immediately

*Listen and apply my free insider advice and watch your classes fill up with a waiting list.

*Discover the # 1 best-kept secret to hoop dance classes that students crave

“The Hooping with Kids free Mini E Course was better than another program that I paid for. Thank you so much for your help Sarah!.” -Abinov

Click the photo below to grab your copy now.


6 Surprising Things I learned from Having a Pay What You Can Sale


When I visited Memom in the hospital she looked up at me and said, “It’s never too late to learn something. Learn something every day.” Then she slurped her coca cola with a straw and closed her eyes. I agree. I’ll continue to heed that advice.

On a side note, Memom is okay!

Last week I decided to have a pay what you can sale for my best selling program, The Hooping with Kids Teacher Training e course. I’d been toying with the idea for a long time. I was hesitant because I didn’t want current customers to write me “hate mail” or be mad at me. But my goal is to help as many people as possible, so I did it.

Sarah hooping

This is what I learned from Having a Pay What You Can Sale:

1) I created a 3 day window for the sale. The first day, a good amount of people joined. Not surprisingly, people are afraid of missing out on something. I learned that from Robert Cialdini and Mr. Cravens back in High School Psychology class.

2) In order to override my current price, I had to manually add each new customer to my current list. If I had used a paypal donate button, I could have gotten my account suspended because I am not a charity. It was 3 days of copying and pasting! I did NOT expect that many people to join the Hooping with Kids course. So I learned to expect the unexpected.

3) The 3rd day was like a feeding frenzy. My shoulders and hands were in knots from typing. First world problems, right? The most amount of people joined on the third day, with the second day coming in at a close second. The take away: BE AT THE COMPUTER and clear your schedule during a launch because tons of people will be contacting you!

4) I learned the selling indirectly with social proof is VERY effective. I never posted about my sale on facebook at all…but tons of my current students did! I posted 4 x on Instagram, and that’s where the majority of my traffic came from…with my newsletter actually tying with Facebook. People trust recommendations from friends more than from the person who created the content (duh).

5) I hate to say it but I was happily shocked at how supportive my current students were/are about it. I was worried they would all be outraged but honestly, they are the best and most supportive people.

6) I also thought people would discredit my program if it was available at a lower price and assume it is not worth much…but the opposite happened! I welcomed a year’s worth of new students (or more) in 3 days. And I’m so grateful.