Asheville Hoop Dancer Sarah Lets It Go

I had a vision of this gorgeous hooping dance video I would create at the river where we spread Ziggy’s ashes in Feb 2016.

I spent a few hours walking around trying to hang my camera on different branches because Chad (my husband and usual camera man) is out of town with our tripod. I couldn’t get the right angle or the camera would fall off or the only view I could get was of rocks.

Disappointed, I tried to film in my backyard which is full of mole holes and on an angle and I kept slipping and sliding and then it got dark outside.

I couldn’t bring my hoop dance vision to life outdoors without assistance, so I filmed this in our living room which has fake blood all over the walls for Halloween, and terrible lighting, and of course I nailed almost everything inside (while outside was a total mess) despite taking about eight months off from hoop dance practice. The fake blood kind of goes with the song. I love this song and this movie.

I do not own the rights to this song. If I did, I would film in a real studio. 😉

Meet Me at My Happy Place


happyplaceWhen Annika invited me (Who me?!) to be a guest on her Happy Place Podcast, I nearly fell over…because up until recently I’ve been a digital nomad hermit grieving the loss of my dog.
However, happiness is something I have been studying (yup, that’s actually a thing!) as a Psychology nerd for nearly half of my life, and word travels fast.
I said yes to the podcast even though I wanted nothing more than to hide, because if it helps just one listener, it was worth it.
I hope it helps you in some way too.
Without further ado, Meet Me at My Happy Place. 
<3 Sarah
PS. I have some new hula hoop dance performance videos in the works!