Hooping with Sarah Reveals All in Free Webinar


Are you ready to be seen as an EXPERT in your industry and START attracting more customers and cash….WITHOUT working more hours? 

Imagine feeling CONFIDENT and helping more people with your hooping…even if you are a newbie!


sarahFrom the Desk of Sarah Jordan

San Diego, CA

1:08 pm

Dear Friend,

Does this sound familiar?

  • You love hooping and hoop dance.  Someone else in the industry is brand new, has the same skills you have, and offers the exact same service. But she is better known in the industry and charges more.
  • You’re a good hooper, but don’t know how to transition from hooping hobbyist to professional.  You have all these amazing hoop dance moves , if only you could get them out into the world.
  • You’ve been working on your hooping for YEARS now. You’re so frustrated with your day job. You’re so overwhelmed by trying to “make it” as a hooper.
  • You feel stuck and don’t do what to do next. You feel like you’re all alone.

I’ve got GREAT news for you – you are TOTALLY in the right place right now!

My name is Sarah Jordan, and I’m known as the hooping business guru. WHY? Because helping other hoop dancers become successful is my passion.Sarah Jordan

My students worldwide are booking gigs as performers and teachers.

In fact, many of my students have appeared on TV on shows such as Sesame Street, The News, and in Music Videos, just to name a few.

What’s my secret?

Hooping with Sarah Reveals All in Free Webinar

You’ll discover my best advice in this fun, free webinar:

  • Raise your credibility
  • Learn how to generate more revenue
  • Learn how to inspire people

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New Hobby AND Career!


“I found hooping (thanks to Sarah!), started for fun, kept up because I loved it. I’ve only been hooping since April and I’ve had more financial success hooping than in my other business total. I just cashed a check for $1500 for 4 hoop gigs. I highly recommendation Sarah’s hoop course. The private Facebook group alone is worth triple the price.” Missy Grant Cooke, Lansing Hoops


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This FREE webinar is for you if:

  • You’re a hoop dancer, teacher, performer (or want to become one!)
  • You want a book to share hooping with others and be rewarded
  • You are on a mission to create change and inspire
  • You want to feel confident

BONUS: You’ll also  the most important “ingredient” needed to become successful. It will surprise you!


You can watch webinar on your phone, tablet or computer on immediately after signing up for free.

Are you ready to FINALLY share YOUR hooping?

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CSL-Lifestyle-116 (1)

krystal“Just got a new weekly class planned out for aerial hoops, in addition to a bi-weekly 2 hour Earth and Air hoop Workshop. And a hoop building workshop at Eat Drink Om Yoga Cafe. My schedule is filling up fast! Thanks so much Sarah for all of your help and wisdom.” Krystal Honey

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